How do Customers find my Business?2020-06-14T07:11:39+10:00

You assign descriptors (we call them tags) to all your products then we promote the site through paid advertising via Google and Facebook and our powerful internal search engine will then give you great visibility to potential shoppers. You can link your products and shop to your own Facebook or google business listing as well.


Yes. Services are treated as products and we can even allocate appointment times for the service being offered.

How do I load my products?2020-06-14T07:10:10+10:00

Most POS systems can produce a data file that we can upload into our online store. If you don’t have a POS system or are unsure how, we can provide an Excel spreadsheet for you to enter the data which we will then import to your page. Alternatively, you can manually enter them through the product interface.

What are the charges?2020-06-14T07:09:39+10:00

Membership of the Cradle Coast Online Market and setting up of your online store is free and we can provide guidance to help you load your products and services onto your “virtual shelves”. The only charges are admin and card fees on each transaction — if you don’t make any sales on a day then you don’t pay!

How can I join?2020-06-14T07:09:02+10:00

It’s simple: go to cradlecoastmarket.com/vendor-register/ and follow the prompts. If you get stuck, we are here to help you.

Who runs the Market?2020-06-14T07:07:51+10:00

The Cradle Coast Online Market is created and operated by two local not-for-profit business organisations, Business Northwest and the Devonport Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Both have supported local businesses on the Cradle Coast for over 80 years each. Developed locally by small business for small business the online marketplace offers 24-hour trading, meaning your product has the potential to reach your customers — even while you sleep.

How do I manage my Business Page?2020-06-14T07:07:18+10:00

Our inbuilt Store Manager Module allows you to set up your store page from your own PC, tablet or mobile device and maintain your product list with prices, graphics, delivery fees — even inventory levels! Orders come straight to your dashboard and you process them by accessing the requested stock before dispatching by post or courier. You can even receive messages by chat session from potential buyers and this will assist with the closing of a sale.

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