SMT2 METAL TREATMENT 1 Litre – Professional Engine Oil Additive. Save Up to 27% Fuel. Resists 2 tonne Friction


SMT2 Superior Metal Treatment Conditioner Anti-Friction Lubricant Additive

Independently Tested & Proven by QUT: Resists >2 Tonne Friction No Seizing  |  Save up to 27% on Fuel & Operating Costs  |  Reduce Friction, Metal Wear & Emissions  |  Reduce Operating Temperatures & Decibles  |  Extend Engine Life  |  Boost Torque & Performance Efficiencies  |  US Formulated
Suitable for all vehicles, petrol/diesel combustion engines, SUVs, 4WD, truck, corporate fleet, taxi, bus coach, tractor, harvester, farm machinery, industrial processing, manufacturing, mills, engineering, mining, government, military, turbines, boat outboard/inline, turbo charged performance racing, dragster, motorbike, chainsaw, 2-strokes, chipper, lawn mower, generator, bearing, spindle, chain, gun, rifle, saw blade, shearing comb, drills…
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SMT Auto Supplies – Professional metal conditioning & fuel saving treatments


SMT2 Metal Treatment is independently proven to be the world’s most advanced highest performing anti-friction anti-seizing lubricant additive. 

SMT2 metal treatment dramatically enhances lubrication of all metal surfaces & moving parts.  SMT2 significantly reduces friction & metal wear in engines, gearboxes, diffs, hydraulics, drills, bearings & a multitude of applications. (SMT2 is also on par with legacy Roil Platinum Metal Conditioner)

SMT2 extends engine life, performance efficiencies & reduces your operating costs – test results achieved 27.7% fuel savings with a BD Truck in Bundaberg, QLD.

Unlike other products, SMT2 Metal Treatment has NO Teflon, graphite, molybdenum, silicone, ceramics, fluoropolymers or suspended solids which get trapped in oil filters.

SMT2 is the most superior non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, biodegradable, synthetic anti-friction metal treatment. Friction, the natural enemy of our engine, causes heat, metal wear & resistance on moving parts. Friction negatively impacts on engine performance, economy & emissions. 

Approx. 80% of all engine wear occurs during initial seconds of cold start-up as sump oil has yet to circulate around moving parts.  Improved engine performance has particularly been noted with SMT2 Metal Treatment during cold startup conditions as it maintains lubrication on metal surfaces, guarding against excessive cold start-up metal wear.  SMT2 Metal Treatment is also applicable to use in all iron/steel, Fe-metal combinations (eg. copper, aluminium, tungsten) & other metal friction environments involving: elevated temperatures, high loads, extreme pressure, high sliding speed & pressure or lack of lubrication.

SMT2 directly penetrates all surface micropores of ferrous (Fe) metal to enhance the coefficient of friction, repel metal-to-metal resistance & boost glide on moving parts.  The anti-friction properties of SMT2 work by re-building & in-filling rough asperities & fine metal surface cavities on a molecular level to condition & protect metal from friction & wear.

Less resistance = higher performance efficiencies, saved fuel & operating costs & extended longevity of components.

SMT2 is formulated to enhance any mineral or synthetic oils. It is unique as it conditions & treats metal surfaces, not the oil.  SMT2 features a unique 2nd generation anti-friction formulation, sought after by professionals & consumers worldwide.  SMT2 also helps control acidity & guard against metal corrosive build up on moving parts.


# SMT2 Metal Treatment has also been proven as superior against all other lubricating oils.  The Queensland University of Technology independently tested SMT2 Metal Treatment against a range of products – SMT2 exceeded highest limit of 4,500+ pound force (~2 tonne) metal on metal friction… without seizing.  [Falex Pin & Vee Block industrial friction test ASTM D3233].  NB. The seizing cut off point of SMT2 has actually yet to be determined.

# SMT2 Metal Treatment achieved 97% less wear scar on a metal test surface vs. Mobil 1 oil [4 Ball Wear Test ASTM-D-4172)

# Compared to other products, SMT2 Metal Treatment did not seize at 250,000 psi extreme pressure film strength [Timken Falex Film Strength, EP ASTM-D-2783]

# Customer experience:  a) “I use SMT2 in my Toyota SR5 Diesel Hilux, in the fuel and engine oil.  I am getting an extra 100km per tank which equates to 15-18% better economy. I also use it in the fuel of my race bike and get an extra 10 to 15 km/hr top end speed.  The motor also spins more freely.” Alan T – Darwin, Australia  

b) SMT2 Metal Treatment achieved 27.7% fuel savings after treating the engine of a 15 tonne UD furniture truck in Bundaberg, QLD saving the business ~$10,000 annual fuel costs.  c) A Ssangyong 4WD Taxi also achieved 33% less fuel over 150,000km.  d) Chainsaw recorded cutting over 40% faster after chain & bar oil treated with SMT2.


SMT2 Metal Treatment is suitable for all engines (petrol/gas or diesel), manual gearboxes, auto transmissions, diffs, clutches, power steering, axles & power providers, hydraulics, bearings, planetary hubs, drills, chains, saws, spindles etc.

SMT2 Metal Treatment is designed to meet industry standards for any models of vehicles, sedans, wagons, SUVs, turbo charged engines, high performance racing, 4×4/4WDs, heavy duty trucks, agricultural machinery, tractors, harvesters, excavators, industrial processing, sugar/saw mills, mining, civil engineering, wind turbines, drilling, council, road work equipment, motorcycles, chainsaws, firearms, chippers, lawn mowers, brushcutters – anything needing to STAY lubricated & last longer.


Add SMT2 Metal Treatment at any time or after oil change. NB. for new vehicles, add SMT2 after first 10,000kms

Add 70ml per Litre of oil in the Engine or Manual Gearbox or Standard Differentials.  At subsequent services, add 35ml/L

Add 20ml per Litre of oil in Automatic Transmission, Hydraulics, Power Steering, Chainsaw bar oil & 2-Strokes (add to fuel at 20ml/L of 2-stroke oil)

Please ask if you need help to determine sump capacities of your engine, transmission, differentials etc. to calculate volumes of SMT2 needed, eg. Engine 5L x 70ml/L (350ml) + Transmission 10L x 20ml/L (200ml) + Diffs 3L x 20ml/L (60ml) + P/Steering 1L x 20ml/L (20ml) =  630ml of SMT2 needed

Use this Quick Search link to look up sump capacities for any vehicle, motorbike or boat etc:  or

SMT2 Metal Treatment can also be used by soaking parts or brush SMT2 onto chainsaw bar/chain, motorbike/bicycle chain, drill bits, bansaws, saw blades etc. to reduce metal wear & friction while increasing life & sharpness.

•    Reduces engine heat by reducing metal friction, increases heat transfer, improves engine efficiency & extends engine life

•    Penetrates metallic surfaces to enhance coefficient of friction to repel ‘metal on metal’

•    Protects against corrosive wear of moving parts & particulate build up

•    Formulated to blend with any mineral or synthetic oils

•    Can increase fuel savings up to 27% by improved glide of moving parts

•    Reduces maintenance costs by reducing drag, increases parts reliability & working life

•    Decreases working equipment noise & vibration

•    Increases engine power & torque due to reduced metal resistance

•    Reduces cold-start up metal wear with easier turnover

SMT2 METAL TREATMENT works perfectly stand alone or for enhanced benefits in performance & savings combine with:

# SMT1 ENGINE & GEARBOX FLUSH (350ml & 1L): Cleans contaminants at oil change to optimise your engine and/or gearbox condition, efficiency & performance.

# SMT3 FUEL TREATMENT (Petrol & Diesel) (350ml & 1L): Multipurpose Injector Cleaner. Upper Cylinder Lubricant.  Diesel Bug Killer. Removes fuel contaminant buildup. Improves peak fuel supply & performance efficiency. Reduces emissions.  Add to full fuel tank to safely remove moisture, gum, varnish & contaminants from your entire fuel system, allowing peak fuel supply, cleaner injectors, efficient fuel combustion, improved acceleration & fuel efficiency & reduced operating costs.

# SMT4 EP BEARING GREASE NLGI2 and SMT5 PIN & BUSH GREASE (450gm & 2.5kg): Extreme Pressure (EP) multipurpose anti-wear grease maintains reliable high speed & load conditions in roller, ball, front & RV bearings. SMT5 on pins & bushes resists shock loads up to 3 x longer vs Moly Grease. Friction tests outperform other products, eg. Chesterton 601 seized at 1800 lbf vs. SMT5/SMT2 un-seized at 4,500+ lbf pound force.

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SMT2 – Superior Metal Treatment Treatment


US engineered excellence in the field of sustainable motoring

Independently tested and proven as superior against other products

SMT2 dramatically reduces friction, metal wear & emissions, saves fuel costs & improves torque & performance.

Need to save annual fuel costs? Want to protect your engine? Engine not torquing? Use oil?

Treat your vehicles & machinery with SMT2 Metal Treatment


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