SMT4 EP Bearing Grease NLGI2 2.5kg – Fortified with SMT2 Metal Treatment exceeds >2 tonne friction no seizing


SMT4 EP BEARING GREASE NLGI2 Anti-Friction 2.5kg – can exceed ~2 tonne friction no seizing

* SMT4 EP Bearing Grease can increase extreme load carrying by up to 650% over grease only; as SMT4 is fortified with superior SMT2 Metal Treatment which can exceed >4,500 pound (~2 tonne) friction force without seizing.

* Premium multi-purpose high temperature & shear stable grease for Wheel Bearings, High Speed Anti-Friction Bearings, CVs, Universals, Water Pumps, Electric Motors, Spindles etc.  Fits any 450g or 500cc grease gun.

* Reduces Friction & Metal Wear. Extends Longevity of Components. Boosts Performance Efficiency. Reduces Operating Costs
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SMT4 EP Bearing Grease is sought after as the most superior extreme pressure anti-wear anti-friction multi-purpose heavy duty grease.
This is primarily due to SMT4 EP Bearing Grease NLGI2 being fortified with US formulated SMT2 Metal Treatment (which literally penetrates all Fe iron surface micropores enhancing the coefficient of friction & dramatically reducing metal-on-metal resistance).  SMT2 Metal Treatment was tested independently & proven as superior against all other lubricant additives by QLD University of Technology to resist >4500 pound force (~2 tonne) friction without seizing.  The seizing cut off point of SMT2 has yet to be determined!  See info below re. properties of SMT2 Metal Treatment (also for sale).
As a result, SMT4 Bearing Grease maintains superior lubrication & reliable high speed / load conditions; protects against shock loadings; has excellent resistance to water wash out & squeeze out; protects against rust & corrosion; maintains long service life & helps extend re-greasing intervals.

SMT4 is manufactured with superior base oils, a non-soap thickener & formulated with an EP additive that is non-corrosive to yellow metals, providing extra protection against wear under heavy loading to achieve longer bearing life.  SMT4 has excellent thermal & shear stability at high temperatures for long service life.  It also has excellent low-temperature pump-ability, is highly resistant to water washout & protects against rust & corrosion.

SMT4 dramatically reduces friction and metal wear, extends life of treated components, boosts performance efficiencies and helps reduce operating costs due to less resistance between moving parts.  SMT4 EP Bearing Grease is NLGI2 (NLGI – GC LB) certified.
* General greasing in automotive & industrial plant, service areas, agricultural & construction equipment lubrication
* Industrial plain bearings operating under shock loads or vibrating, wet and dirty conditions. Equipment in steel mills & processing plants exposed to chemical contaminants.
* Mining. Rock crushers. On/Offshore Drilling. Marine deck equipment & winch gears. Oil fields.
* Trucks, tractors, earthmoving, cars, 4WD – trailer couplings, ball & universal joints, front / RV wheel bearings, tie rod ends, door hinges, fifth wheel, king pins, shackle pins, constant velocity CV joints, general chassis grease, sealed-for-life applications
* General use: Rollers, ball bearings, water pumps, idler pulleys, fans, spindles, gears, sprockets, electric motors, alternators, air conditioner compressor clutch bearings, agitator bearings in washing machines, chains, cogs etc.
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Weight 2.5 kg
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